Real Estate – It’s a Passion

I’ve stated before that my passion in life is real estate, particularly real estate here in East Tennessee. You might be asking yourself, “of all the things to be passionate about on this planet, why real estate? Other than the money, I can’t see what it is about huge stacks of paperwork, constant phone calls and long work hours you’d enjoy doing that much.”

Well, like all jobs, it requires a lot more work than is ideal to sustain, but also like all jobs, the key to enjoying it to consider yourself something of an artist at what you do. To be more specific, I consider each property that I work on the same kind of project that a musician would refer to an album, an author would refer to a manuscript, or a painter might refer to their next exhibit. Still similar to those artists, I often take on work for private acquisition and use, but the ones designed for the public are what I get really thrilled about.

When I drive through Sevierville and see loads of people at Buffalo Wild Wings or Steak’n’Shake, both properties I helped put together, it gives me a tremendous sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction having made a physical, positive impact on the community. Hundreds of people every day, 7 days a week, get to enjoy the work I put in to each of those restaurants in Sevier County – that’s not something even 75% of artists in the country today get to say. 🙂

And that doesn’t even begin to consider the looks on people’s faces when they see their brand new property and the new opportunities that open up for them then. It’s hard work in the real estate game, like everywhere else, but it has rewards well worth the effort. I’m happy to work in real estate, and I’m happy to work for you in real estate.

If you’d like to be thrilled with an awesome new business opportunity or property, contact me today at 865-691-8195 or

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